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Chapter 06: Rin & Cardamom[edit | edit source]

-On the morning of the day Nadeshiko's group was playing in the river-

Rin: .........

Cardamom: You've alreaady shown me this last night but, it sure is interesting. This burner thing. It's like magic.

Cardamom: You said an acquaintance made it for you? That's nice. I want one too.

Cardamom: Hey Rin, could you give this to me?

Rin: Eh, I can't, it'd be troubling if I didn't have this...

Cardamom: I see, that's a pity. I'll give it up this time.

Rin: Sorry...

Cardamom: It's no problem at all, I'm the one causing you trouble after all.

Cardamom: Here you go. Your half of the Mackerel.

Rin: Ah, thanks...

Cardamom: Alright, let's dig in!

Rin: (How did it end up like this...)

Rin (Flashback): This person that appeared last night. Her name was... Cardamom, I think?

Rin (Flashback): She's an "arbitrator", and she seems to be traveling Étoilia.

Rin (Flashback): I don't really know but, it seems she punishes wrongdoers, and helps villagers who are in trouble.

Rin (Flashback): So... It's something like the Mito koumon?

TL Note: A long running period drama, featuring a traveling retired Shogun of Mito and his two retainers, who go around punishing wrongdoers and helping those in trouble.
Fun fact: It ran from 1969 all the way to 2011.

Rin (Flashback): And on her journey, while she was looking for something, she ended up here, and found me by chance.

Rin (Flashback): If that's the case, it would just be a normal meeting between campers but,

Rin (Flashback): To think that I would get her interested in the camp gear made by Ms. Kanna...

Rin: (More importantly...)

Rin: (She's making it look real good. It's almost as if she was Nadeshiko.)

Rin: (Well, She seems to have it together, unlike Nadeshiko.)

Cardamom: What's wrong? You've been staring at me for a while now.

Rin: Oh, it's nothing. ...You're making it look real good, was all I was thinking.

Cardamom: Is that so? It's just I didn't expect to eat something like this after waking up from camping in the middle of nowhere.

Rin: Really? It should be easy for you catch fishes with that knife, you did catch a Mackerel...

Cardamom: I might be able to catch them, but I can't roast 'em. I was actually thinking of eating some of those nuts over there.

Rin: That's wild......

Cardamom: I get that a lot. I only bring the bare minimum after all. All I need is a knife and some rope and it's all okay.

Rin: So uh, Ms. Cardamom...

Cardamom: Just Cardamom is fine, Rin.

Rin: So, what are you looking for here, Cardamom?

Cardamom: I'm looking for a plant called Tsuntsuun. It's a favorite.

Rin: Tsuntsuun?

Cardamom: You don't know? It's very stimulating and tasty. You should try it if you get the chance.

Cardamom: You're just here for sightseeing? How strange. To go out of your way to camp instead of staying at an inn.

Rin: It's something of a hobby after all.

Cardamom: I see. So what are your plans, Rin?

Rin: I've been here for 2 days so, I think I'll be heading back.

Cardamom: Where did you come from, Rin?

Rin: A village south from here.

Cardamom: ...Hm, then you might not be able to return just yet.

Rin: Eh?

Cardamom: The bridge to the south was destroyed by the strong winds from before. I don't think it has been repaired yet.

Rin: Really? ...what should I do? If I return late, everyone might be worried...

Cardamom: Shall I show you the way? I know a way around the bridge.

Rin: Really?

Cardamom: Yep. Oh but I'm looking for the Tsuntsuun right now so, if tomorrow is alright with you?

Rin: Mhm. One more day should be alright.

Cardamom: OKay, I'll be off.

Rin: I don't see her anymore. ...I guess I'll read a book.

Rin: I should start preparing lunch. I'm so glad I brought extra food.

Rin: What should I do about her share....?

Cardamom: That smells good.

Rin: (The smell brought her back!?)

Rin: W-welcome back.

Cardamom: The sun was getting kinda high, so I thought I'd come back for a break.

Rin: Did you get it?

Cardamom: It went okay, I guess.

Rin: ......

Rin: (Did you get it or not? Which is it....?)

Cardamom: Alright, I'll start my assault on a different location later. If I manage to find a cave by a river, I should be able to find quite a few.

Cardamom: Okay, I'm off.

Rin: What an energetic person. She's looks like she's around my age......

Rin: Wait, it's not like I'm some old lady. I think I'll go for a little walk.

Rin: Alright, I guess I'll take on the path I couldn't yesterday.

Translation by KKohaku21
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