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Chapter 07: The Frightful Rumor of the Northern Mountains[edit | edit source]

Nadeshiko: There it is! A cave!

Chiaki: Okay group member Kirara. Prepare the lantern!

Kirara: Yes, captain!

Chiaki: A bull monster, a poisonous swamp, a company of ghosts... The road up to here was difficult, but now, we shall unravel the mysteries of this world!

Aoi: An' our objective's changed again.


Rin: ....It's a cave.

Rin: Tsuntsuun's can be found in caves, was what Cardamom said, didn't she?

Rin: I'm afraid to go in alone but, just a peek should be okay...

Nadeshiko: Tsuntsuun. Where are you~

Chiaki: As expected of a phantom ingredient. Even with our incredible search ability, we're still unable to find it.

Aoi: It's not a phantom, it's a delicacy. But, ye're right that we can't find it.

Kirara: Maybe we should head a little further in?

Chiaki: In any case, this sure is a huge cave. It also feels as if it has been explored by others.

Aoi: Kirara. Was this cave used fer somethin'?

Kirara: It's not just here but, the Northern mountains used to be a mining hub, so lots of digging has been done around these parts.

Nadeshiko: Ehh. Does that mean that it might be connected to another exit somewhere else?

Kirara: Who knows...

Kirara: Oh right, there's also a rumor surrounding these mountains.

Chiaki: Rumor?

Kirara: Once, there was a person who got lost in these caves, and to this day they're still looking for the exit...

Chiaki: Wha...what...!?

Nadeshiko: A, aaaaaaaaaaaa...... Ghost....!?

Aoi: W-why didja have to say this now!?

Kirara: Also, if you find that person, you'll be cursed to eternally never find your way out....

sfx: ...clack (clack as in footsteps sfx)

Kirara: See.... Even now, you can hear it's footsteps, searching for it's next victim...

Nadeshiko: hiiiiiiii!

sfx: ...clack...clack...

Kirara: A-ah, Nadeshiko, there's a silhouette behind you!!

Nadeshiko: Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

Aoi: Nadeshiko!?

Chiaki: Hey, don't go off on your own!

Kirara: ...and, that, was a rumor created to stop children from entering this place.

Kirara: ...huh? Everyone's gone!? Don't leave me behind!!

Cardamom: ...Oh?

Cardamom: I thought I heard someone's voice. ...Must be my imagination.

Cardamom: Oh? This is....

Nadeshiko: So that's it. You should've told us it was made-up sooner, Kirara.

Kirara: I'm sorry...

Chiaki: You sure are a scaredy cat Nadeshiko.

Nadeshiko: Aren't you scared of ghosts too, Aki!?

Chiaki: Well, if I tell myself they don't exist...

???: ......Oi......

Kirara, Chiaki, Nadeshiko & Aoi: ...!!?

Chiaki: That voice just now......

Nadeshiko: I-it's just a made-up story, right!? Right!?

Kirara: T-that's right. It's a story that everyone in the village knows....

Aoi: ...It's has to be the wind. There's no other explanation...

???: ...Oi....Ca...rda...

Nadeshiko: W-who is it!?

sfx: ........

Kirara: See, there's no one after all. It's just your imagina...

sfx: ...clack

Nadeshiko: IT'S A GHOST!!

Aoi: Escaping is winning!

Chiaki: Ah, hold up! Don't leave me behind!

Kirara: Please, wait up!

Rin: Hmm?

Rin: I thought I heard someone's voice.

Rin: Well, this place echoes quite a bit, maybe it was my own voice?

Rin: No, I shouldn't go too far in, or I'll get lost, I guess I'll head back.

Rin: ...Hm? This is...

Translation by KKohaku21
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