Yuru Camp Event Translation Chapter 08

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Chapter 08: An Unexpected Encounter Before the Trip[edit | edit source]

Cardamom: ...steady...and up.

Rin: What are you doing?

Cardamom: Oh hi, Rin. You can't tell? I'm fishing.

Cardamom: Are you out on a stroll Rin?

Rin: Yeah. I and just so happened to find you, Cardamom.

Rin: Oh right, did you find the Tsuntsuun you were looking for?

Cardamom: It went okay, I guess.

Rin: ......I see.

Cardamom: Oh right, Rin. There's something I've been wanting to ask you.

Rin: Hm? What is it?

Cardamom: You seem to know a lot about these strange tools I've never seen before, Rin, are you maybe....

Cork: Rin. I found you.

Rin: Ah, Cork. What are you doing out here?

Cork: On my way back from peddling.

Cork: The strong winds from before have destroyed the bridge, knowing that you were here, I thought you might be in a pinch.

Rin: I see. Thanks.

Cardamom: It seems an acquaintance has come to pick you up. Good for you.

Cork: And this is?

Rin: I met her while I was camping here. She's uhh....

Cardamom: Just a traveler, Ms. Peddler. Do you know the way back?

Cork: No problems. I use it all the time.

Cardamom: In that case, I'll leave Rin to you.

Rin: Thank you. I've caused quite a bit of trouble for you.

Cardamom: Don't worry about it. I was tagging along on a whim after all.

Cardamom: Oh right. You can have this. The fish I just caught and and some fresh Tsuntsuun.

Cardamom: It's really good with some sliced raw fish.

Rin: Ah, here... I found some in the cave just now. See.

Cardamom: Oooh, you've got some good luck Rin. In that case, please have the fish.

Cardamom: And with that, I'm off.

Rin: Hey. About what you asked just now, what was that about?

Cardamom: Hm? ...I've forgotten. I'll try to remember if we ever meet again.

Cardamom: See you! Rin! Let's camp again if the fates allow!

Rin: Mhm. See you.

Cork: That face, I feel like I've seen it before...

Rin: She's been traveling the various realms it seems. Maybe you passed each other somewhere?

Cork: That might be it.

Cork: The sun is setting. We'll stay for the night, and set out in the morning.

Rin: Mhm. There's a tent set-up over there.

Aoi: We're finally out~

Chiaki: Seriously, because you were running all over the place Nadeshiko, now we're lost.

Nadeshiko: I was scared of the ghost after all.......

Aoi: Well, at least it's great that nothin' happened in the end. Though, we didn't manage to find the Tsuntsuun.

Kirara: We'll have to give up for now. After all, Tsuntsuun itself is sold just about everywhere after all.

sfx: ...rustle...

Nadeshiko: Hiiiii!? Another ghost!?

Chiaki: We're out so, it's probably an animal or something. Oi, Nadeshiko, don't start running away again.

sfx: ...rustle,rustle....


Chiaki: If you start running again we'll get lost again! Hey, Inuko, grab her!

Aoi: Good point! Leave it to me!

Rin: ...What are they doing...?

Cork: Incomprehensible.

Translation by KKohaku21
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