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Chapter 09: A Gathering Around Hotpot[edit | edit source]

Nadeshiko: So you've been camping here too, Rin!

Chiaki: Leaving behind your fellow outdoors club members to solo camp, you're making your club president cry, Shimarin.

Rin: By "too', you mean, you guys came here to camp too, Nadeshiko?

Aoi: That's right~ This here mountains, were recommended by Ms. Leine after all.

Rin: So that was it.

Nadeshiko: Hey, hey, Rin. We're heading back tomorrow, what about you, Rin?

Rin: Hmm. I'm headed back tomorrow too. Thankfully, Cork is here.

Rin: The bridge I used to get here was destroyed, and I wouldn't have been able to return by myself.

Chiaki: Bridge? You crossed one?

Nadeshiko: I don't think there was a bridge...

Aoi: We got lost afta' all...

Rin: You guys don't seem to be very suited for camping in a fantasy world...

Nadeshiko: Please listen to me, Miss! It was a difficult battle!

Chiaki: Tonight you shall hear of our struggles! A tale that will leave you in tears, both storyteller and listener.

Aoi: It wasn' that tearful.

Kirara: Ehh. A traveler and Rin?

Cork: Mhm. It appears she was of assistance.

Kirara: I see. I wish I could've thanked her... (and farm her for player levels?)

Cork: She travels a lot so, we'll probably meet again.

Kirara: It would be great to meet her... (and farm her for player exp?)

Rin: Hey, Cork. It's about this...

Cork: This is...

Nadeshiko: Woah, that's a lot of wasabi.

Kirara: Tsuntsuun!

Rin: Eh....? Ah, I think that's what it's called.

Kirara: That's amazing, Rin! To be able to find this much Tsuntsuun...

Rin: Kirara seems to have a really strong reaction to this...

Cork: Kirara. She loves this.

Nadeshiko: So the thing you were looking for was wasabi, Kirara.

Kirara: Rin, what's up with all these?!

Rin: I just so happened to find it but, I don't think I'll be able to use up this much so...

Rin: ...You can have it, Kirara.

Kirara: Is it really alright!?

Nadeshiko: You really love it huh, wasabi. What do you like to eat it with Kirara?

Kirara: This is good....!

Rin: She just, ate it raw.... (That's hardcore, but also really good. Try it sometime.)

Kirara: Nadeshiko, Rin, do you want some? It's really good!

Nadeshiko: What should I do? I'm a little curious about it's taste.

Rin: I think I'll hold back.

Nadeshiko: We're all headed back tomorrow after all, let's make hotpot with what's left of our ingredients! We've also got Rin's fish after all!

Chiaki: Alright, leave the cutting to us! Come on, Inuko. Let's do this!

Aoi: Okay, okay.

Kirara: I'll help too!

Cork: I've got some ingredients too.

Rin: ......

Rin: (I kinda wanted to end this trip solo at least but...)

Rin: ...Oh well.

Nadeshiko: Rin! Hurry up!

Rin: Ah, okay. I'm coming over now.

Translation by KKohaku21
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